Somewhere in the mess of city and chaos, there was a space for chronic illness advocates to unite — one that glowed beyond the blue light of digital advocacy behind glowing iPhone screens.


The result is a soupy mixture of stormwater and sewage spilling over the grass and into the trees, leaving tissues and.

12 Dive Bars in Greater Phoenix – Put simply, the cash-only Palo Verde is a lovably well-worn mess that boasts an array of band stickers covering the walls,

Disco and light pop ruled the airwaves. Something needed to be done.

The explosion came later. It always works that way.

Himalaya Pure Herbs Mature Himalayan silver birch trees are the centrepiece of the garden. Their dramatic pure white trunks look amazing interspersed with

How a Trendy Lube Gave Me a $200 UTI (and Cost Me My Favorite Vibrator) – I love vibrators. I love masturbating, I love orgasming myself to sleep.

I know, I’m a sucker, but when I see the same packaging time and time again, a little light bulb goes off in my brain that.

Simon Tierney wants to shed light on the ordinary, everyday objects we take for.

The toothbrush, dishwasher,

One accuser reportedly stated that Foreman snuck into their home to have sex, while the other said she kept a box of condoms.

Came down on the train.

open up, love.” For a split second I wanted to open.

a half eaten hamburger and a used condom lay.