Researchers have shown a strong connection between porn use and low sex drive, erectile dysfunction and trouble reaching.

Let’s collectively get over our millennial fear of the phone and orgasm on speaker together.

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The Never-Ending Orgasm (Full Documentary) | Only HumanThis timeless piece of “body art” of people having sex in an MRI turns 20 – Today: celebrating the 20-year anniversary of the most viewed article (and accompanying video) in the history of the British.

But at least you can have a fulfilling sex life with your partner, even if you don’t live in the same city. Picture this: You’re video calling your loved one with a vibrating prostate.

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Trying different jobs, making use of adult sex toys, being greedy during foreplay are.

Lisa Page says she was moved to break her silence about being targeted by Donald Trump after the president mimicked her.

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Dr. Michael Aaron, a New York-based sex therapist and psychologist, says traditional porn-inspired sex scenes with dramatized moaning and exaggerated orgasms create unrealistic expectations.