Lubricated Condoms In younger women, the vagina is kept lubricated by droplets of fluid that form a slippery coat on its walls.

I-CAN ||How to use pregnancy ||Home Pregnancy Test || Using i Can Urine Pregnancy Test kit ( Device)TCL to turn the TV into a centralised console for controlling every smart home device – Doing away with the remote control completely, the latest advancement will empower users to not only control their TV sets.

However, initially, the developer faced challenges in understanding the devices and hardware security in IoT.

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“If we are going for all the devices, the hackers are very advanced in technology.

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Not content with the success of the iPhone, Apple could be looking at building a satellite network that can broadcast data.

IIT Madras partners with Ricovr for research on medical device – for research on point-of-care medical device development. Point-of-care diagnostics, or near-patient testing, is a type of.

3,000 and/or imprisonment upto 2 years. A person can be punished if alcohol exceeds 30 milligrams per 100 millileter of blood.

A new blood test to quickly and sensitively diagnose Lyme disease at early stages.

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Cortisol is a protein produced in the adrenal cortex and its egestion level differs during pregnancy, change in climatic.