Later, she told him to fuck off. The 45-second snippet went viral.

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I just wanted Lizzie McGuire. When the reboot was announced I became like a kid in a candy store. Overly excited, thrilled at.

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but since being on the slide and giving a fuck are obviously incompatible, you know you’ll be lapping up the envious looks.

Nintendo Announced ‘Pokemon Sword’ And ‘Shield’ Expansions, But Everyone’s Talking About One Pokemon – New outfits, battles and rivals are sure to hit the expansion, which is $30 in the Nintendo store.

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Seven Obscure Local Releases From 2019 – The five-track EP plays like a mature Pet Shop Boys-inspired release. She confirmed with Phoenix New Times that she.


Me: Fuck you. My boss: I’m sorry sir.” Those of us who’ve had our fair share of.

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Honestly, I don’t blame them. This beautiful candle looks like those super expensive candles you see at your local homewares.

The writer who invented ‘cyberspace’ – and possibly the most influential living sci-fi author – on the challenges of keeping.