From here, you can share sweet kisses and heated stares while the penetrative partner thrusts into you — or develops a slow.

Physiologically, cold constricts blood flow, which is an essential component of arousal, which may lead you to think cold.

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Look for a lube or vaginal moisturizer that is free of fragrance or alcohol.

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You’ll need lots of lube to be able to buy a more ride that is comfortable and therefore can in fact begin to help you to get when you look at the mood. Utilize lube that is water-based your shaft,

In fact, solo sex can be just as fulfilling and give you the mood and energy boost you need during a difficult time. Research.

Prone to PMS or period cramps? CBD wants to help – When it comes to reproductive wellness, most hemp brands in the space have traditionally focused on two things: CBD for.

We’ve all been there at some point. You’re about to get hot and heavy with your partner and you get slathered up with some.

Check out our Lube 101 post which gives a run down of all the varieties.

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