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I’m now just going to spend the rest of my day wandering around my apartment saying "Radium condom? Radium condom." over and over to myself. Needs to be an item in the next Fallout game, if it isn’t already. posted by Dr Dracator at 12:06 AM on September 2, 2015

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26-06-2015  · Radium was used in many early 20th-century items such as beauty creams and condoms. Image source: www.kcet.org Radium was quite the rage in early 20th-century products, resulting in it being an integral part of several products.

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Radium condoms() An example of the element Radium: Sample Image | Spin Video | QuickTimeVR Rotation; Radium condoms. (External Sample) I’m not even going to say a word. Except no, they didn’t actually have any radium in them, though plenty of similar products of the time did. Museum’s listing of this item. Location: Oak Ridge Health Physics Museum

15-04-2015  · Glow in the Dark Condom. Night Light Glow in the Dark Night light is the first and only glow in the dark condom approved for the prevention of pregnancy and disease. The night light is able to glow because of a technological advance using a safe, non-toxic phosphorous pigment. The condom is made with a patented 3-layer process. The center layer.

NUTEX Radium Condoms (ca. 1940s) These Radium Condoms were produced by the Nutex Company of 322 S. Seventh Street, Philadelphia, PA. Based on the design of the tin and style of the graphics, I would guess that it probably dates from the 1940s.

Boy uses radioactive condom for virility. Yeah, romance has a shelf life of forever. Yeah, romance has a shelf life of forever. In the early 20th century, it was all the rage to add Radium to items.

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