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/PRNewswire/ — Morari Medical, an emerging sexual health and wellness company, announced that it has developed the first.

If you are not interested in chemical or herbal treatments, here are some ways you can treat premature ejaculation without.

If you have been having weak erection, premature ejaculation, or you want a bigger manhood in order to satisfy your partner better, then you have no more cause to worry. We have a product that can.

When it comes to the other end of the spectrum, men who live with premature ejaculation (or PE), have had to suffer in.

Morari CEO Jeff Bennett says the device stimulates, as well as confuses, the nervous system simultaneously to delay premature.

Speaking on the partnership, Yemi Alade said, “I am excited about this partnership with Hollandia Yoghurt because the brand.

Jeff Bennett keeps referring to "P.E." As in, some 30 percent of men have been afflicted with P.E; the causes of P.E. are not.

It’s designed to stimulate and confuse the nervous system with one goal in mind: delaying male ejaculation during sexual.

Why #Sextech Was the Biggest Buzzword at CES 2020 – Related: The 26 Best and Worst Things at CES “A pleasure product provides less stress and better sleep, which improves overall health and wellness,” says Bennett, adding that while the Morari Medical.