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Spraymintt is a sugar-free, non-alcoholic and completely herbal, instant mouth freshener spray. One spray leaves your mouth feeling cool and your breath fresh. This Icemint pocket sized mouth freshener is easy to carry. It”s the coolest way to fresh breath. Features. India”s first instant mouth freshener in a spray formZero calories, zero.

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16-11-2012  · This is a mouth freshener spray from spearmint made from all natural ingredients. It costs 60 Rs and comes in quite a few flavors. This video review is brought to you by www.prasanthblog.com You.

07-11-2013  · Get kiss ready in just one sec! With Spraymintt mouth freshener. Just pop it open and spray it in your mouth. It’s naturally delicious, sugar- free and comes in eight refreshing flavours.